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Brixton Market, before the after

apres coup

Brixton Market, before the after

atlantic dawn

Brixton Market, before the after


Brixton Market, before the after

buy lamplight

Brixton Market, before the after


Brixton Market, before the after


Brixton Market, before the after


Brixton Market, before the after


Brixton Market, before the after

pallet hound

Brixton Market, before the after

pink star

Brixton Market, before the after

umbrella red

Brixton Market, before the after






invite to july 2019 show


Sweet little promo film made by Studio 73:


Here's the text they squeezed out of me to accompany the show:

What is your background?

I came to photography in my twenties, drifted away, came back. I taught myself web design as the first digital cameras arrived, the visual elements of both suddenly appealed, and I've been taking pictures ever since. I learnt composition from going to the cinema and colour from wandering around the Tate. Young, I studied politics and then later cultural studies; in retrospect I was compelled by the need to know why. Photography helps me ponder that.


Who is your inspiration?

I'm inspired by Aldous Huxley's 'Perennial Philosophy', the humanist writings of Jack Kornfield, by the essence of the Christian message communicated to us as infant school children, the stillness at the top of the hill. Taking pictures shifts me to a place of attentiveness, at its best I can disappear into the present moment.


Can you provide an example of an artist or organisation that inspires you?

Both Mark Rothko and James Turrell each in their own way bring us closer to the divine. I recently saw sculptor David Nash's Cardiff show. His video work, mapping the evolution of his land based work over forty years was amazing, another facet of the creation we all inhabit.


Why did you pick the sizes that you have chosen as a format?

All my images are 24"x16". I'm asking the viewer to consider the small details the camera captures. A cigarette butt, the crease of an awning, staining on concrete. Printing at two feet wide helps us to see these things, to consider everything as important and in its own way beautiful.


What would you really like with your art?

In the words of my kid sister 'you really seem to capture a moment that stir's ones emotions'. Followed by three heart-eyed emojis. That'd be great.


One other rather important question; Why do you want to have your show at Studio 73?

This is easy, Studio 73's patron is a luv, a pure mensch. Thank you.



Be kind for everybody is fighting a great battle...


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