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Just come from Brixton Bugle? Here's that tune selection all in one handy place:


'Bird in Hand' by Lee Perry / Sam Carty {link broke: here}

The genius of Perry to take a 1950 Hindi movie love song and coax a devotional dub from Carty's performance. A real tear-jerker that whispers of the ineffable.

'Pepper' by Speedy J
So many nights out in Brixton over the years: arches; squats; clubs; gardens... this feels like the one song that captures something of those lost times, the whole night in one perfect tune.

'El Amor' by Antonio Prieto {link broke: here}
A recent discovery down the interweb rabbit hole and the inspiration for the Walker Brothers/Nancy SInatra 'In My Room', I do love me some Iberian passion. My karaoke selection!

'Ole' by Pharoah Sanders
For me an early exposure to the expression of spiritual belief in modern jazz and again that flamenco influence. Sublime every time.

'Stairway to Heaven' by Dolly Parton
It amazes me that I'll still gleefully sing along to this rock standard, but then to find Dolly adding:

'Oh, the great almighty dollar leaves you lonely, lost and hollow '.

Pure class.


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